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As per the Governor’s mandate concerning non-essential businesses closing, the FASNY Museum of Firefighting is now closed until such time the Governor deems it safe to reopen.

We will keep you posted as the situation evolves. Thank you for your understanding, and please be safe.

Open 10:00am - 4:30pm daily.

Galleries close at 4:30pm for ticketed visitors.*

*see more information on the "Hours and Admission" page

Closed: Independence Day,
Memorial Day, Easter,
Christmas Eve Day,
Christmas, Thanksgiving,
New Year’s Day

Admission Tickets

Adults: $10

Children: $5
(age 3 and older)

Family: $25
(2 adults and their 2 children)

Children under age 3: FREE

Museum and FASNY Members: FREE

The Museum also
participates in the Empire State Reciprocal Program and NARM.
Members of these programs will also receive FREE admission, as per the Museum's policy: see the "Hours and Admission" page for more info.

117 Harry Howard Ave.
Hudson, NY 12534

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Donate an Object
Thank you for Considering the Donation of Your Object to the FASNY Museum of Firefighting.

The vast majority of the Museum’s collection has been donated to the Museum, beginning with the iconic donation from the Exempt Firemen’s Association of the City of New York. This donation included the oldest documented fire engine in New York State, a Newsham Engine, circa 1725. Also included in this donation was a gooseneck-style engine, a piano-style engine and a double-decker-style engine.

Over the years, many more generous donations have been accepted: a total of approximately 18,100 artifacts are held by the Museum. These donations included antique fire trucks, fire badges and other firefighting artifacts, textiles, art and a collection of fire service related library volumes.

This world-class collection is constantly being added to, and we invite all interested parties to carefully read and follow the instructions on the  "Prospective Donor Questionnaire" form  to have an object considered for donation to the Museum collection. The FASNY Museum of Firefighting appreciates your donation!

To donate a banner or patch to the Museum collection, please print the Banner and Patch Donation Form. 

Donated objects - click image to enlarge:

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Donating an Object to the FASNY Museum of Firefighting:

Q: How does the process begin?
A: The prospective donor must fill out the donor questionnaire, which is then reviewed by the Museum, (exception banners and patches: please request the banner and patch donation form for donating these items) and the donor will then be contacted with a response as to if the Museum is interested in the object.

Q: If the Museum accepts my donation, what happens next?
A: If your object is accepted, you will be sent additional paperwork to review and sign. Please read the paperwork carefully, as once the object is donated, it is considered to be in the public trust. Therefore, you will not be able to request the object back. The Museum Staff will then arrange a time for you to deliver the object to the Museum or in some cases, we will travel to retrieve the object from you. If the object is able to be mailed, that may be an option also.

Q: What happens to the object if donated?
A: Once donated, item(s) become part of the Museum's permanent or education (consumable) collections. The Museum carefully holds in public trust all items which it has received by donation. Disposal or exchange of any artifact(s) is called a "deaccession" and is made in full conformity with the Museum's guidelines for management of interpretive collections. Deaccessions of item(s) in the permanent collection are at the Museum's discretion. Some reasons an object might be deaccessioned are that the object no longer meets the Museum's mission or the object's condition has deteriorated. Donors are always contacted when an object they donated is deaccessioned and given the option of taking the object back.

Q: Will the object be on exhibit?
A: Only a percentage of the Museum's collection can be exhibited at any one time: this is universally true of museums. Objects are used to tell a story and enrich the museum experience, so if the object you donated does not currently fit into an exhibit, it will be stored appropriately. Some objects are periodically rotated on display and periodically "at rest" in the Museum artifact storage areas. Documentary, manuscript, books, printed, and pictorial materials reside in the Museum's research library where, once cataloged, they are available by appointment in the library. The Museum also draws from the library collection for rotating and changing exhibits within the Museum as well as for use in publications.

Q: Will I receive donor recognition?
A: Donors to the museum receive the satisfaction of knowing their donated items become a permanent part of the collections of the FASNY Museum of Firefighting, Hudson, NY and that they will be cared for according to museum standards, insuring they will be here for generations of Americans to contemplate and enjoy.

Q: Will you appraise my object for me before I donate it?
A: If desired, a formal appraisal of a gift is the responsibility of the donor. The Museum Staff can provide a list of professional appraisal organizations that can help you find a suitable appraiser in your area. The IRS does not permit the benefiting institution to appraise donated objects. As a Chartered Museum of the State of New York, we are prohibited from assigning value to any privately owned object, regardless if it is to be donated or not.

Q: Will I receive a tax deduction for my donation?
A: Donations to the Museum are tax deductible, to the full extent allowed by law, for both federal and State of New York income tax purposes. It is the responsibility of donors to confer with their tax advisors regarding the tax benefits, details, and implications of large donations. The Museum Staff cannot offer tax advice.

Q: Why can't you just take my object without all this paperwork?
A: When the Museum accepts an object into the collection, it is committed to caring for that object for the full extent of the object's life. That includes repairing the object and housing the object in suitable museum storage conditions. This can be very costly, so the Museum must carefully review each prospective donation to determine if it will be a significant addition to the collection before it can make this commitment.We also want to be sure you understand the donation process in full and this paperwork helps you understand this process and all of its ramifications. Lastly, there are legal ramifications to taking donations from private individuals and we must protect the Museum's liability by insuring that we have all the proper paperwork in order before the donation is accepted and brought to the Museum.For this reason, we also do not take donations from third parties, only from the actual owner of the object.

Q: What are some reasons the Museum might decline a donation that is offered?
A: There are a number of reasons an object might be rejected.  These include:
  • Object does not meet the Museum's mission (wrong subject or geographic area) or educational objectives - When objects have a limited potential for educational exhibits, they are generally rejected. Objects such as trophies or plaques do not lend themselves to an educational exhibit. Therefore, we do not accept donations of plaques or trophies. We may provide you with a list of alternative museums that might be interested in donations that do not fit the Museum's mission or educational priorities.
  • Duplicate(s) already in collection - We might have similar objects of the same era already in our collection. We may provide the proposed donor with a list of alternative museums that might be interested.
  • Poor condition - We must be very wary of accepting items in poor condition that may tax museum space and conservation resources or are too fragile to exhibit.
  • Large Size - We must be wary of accepting items that may tax our limited storage and display space.
  • "Conditional gifts" and "Permanent loans" - In general, we reject this type of gift.
Thank you for considering donating your object to the FASNY Museum of Firefighting.

If you have further questions, please email us using the CONTACT US Form on this website.


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