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As per the Governor’s mandate concerning non-essential businesses closing, the FASNY Museum of Firefighting is now closed until such time the Governor deems it safe to reopen.

We will keep you posted as the situation evolves. Thank you for your understanding, and please be safe.

Open 10:00am - 4:30pm daily.

Galleries close at 4:30pm for ticketed visitors.*

*see more information on the "Hours and Admission" page

Closed: Independence Day,
Memorial Day, Easter,
Christmas Eve Day,
Christmas, Thanksgiving,
New Year’s Day

Admission Tickets

Adults: $10

Children: $5
(age 3 and older)

Family: $25
(2 adults and their 2 children)

Children under age 3: FREE

Museum and FASNY Members: FREE

The Museum also
participates in the Empire State Reciprocal Program and NARM.
Members of these programs will also receive FREE admission, as per the Museum's policy: see the "Hours and Admission" page for more info.

117 Harry Howard Ave.
Hudson, NY 12534

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Fire Equipment
Spanner wrenches, fire extinguishers, life belts, bed keys, speaking trumpets, all the "tools of the trade” are represented in the fire equipment collection at the Museum. From rare Viking axes to telegraph alarm systems and beyond, some of the most interesting artifacts reside in this collection. These include:

Bed Key: Often the most valuable piece of property owned by a colonist during the 1700s was his bed. Firemen during this time carried a special tool called a bed key that could be used to quickly disassemble the beds of the day and thus carry them to safety.

Wooden fire rattles: These wooden warning devices have been used since the 1700s to alert colonists of a fire in their community.

Speaking trumpets: A multifunctional "tool,” the primary use of a speaking trumpet was to amplify the speaker’s voice, so that the firemen could hear orders from command. They were also often utilized after the fire: by stuffing a cork in one end or some wadded up fabric, the trumpet could be used for a drinking mug of sorts. During an altercation with another fire company, a common occurrence in the 1800s, the speaking trumpet could be utilized as a formidable weapon when swung with might. However, speaking trumpets are perhaps most recognizable as presentation gifts, when firefighters honor another firefighter for a courageous deed or for a firefighter’s long service.

Leather Riveted Hose: Sewn leather hose was a great step forward in hose construction, but like sail cloth before it, sewn leather hose did not always hold water pressure sufficiently. Leather riveted hose was able to hold the water pressure without bursting and this was an even greater step forward in hose construction

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